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A new or recently repaired computer will last about 3 months without any maintenance, before performance starts to decline.

Alexander's "Managed Care" was designed so our clients enjoy their computers and do not have to constantly repair them.  We frequently improve our service plans to assure your computer continues to run fast and problem free.

Instead of just completing a quick fix to what is obviously broken, Managed Services provides your family or business with a proactive approach to stability.

  • Our monitors work 24/7 watching your server and workstations.
  • These monitors often find and repair issues before the user is even aware of a problem.
  • Alerts are automatically sent to our techs any time a problem is not immediately resolved.  
  • Maintenance that was completed manually each month is now automatically performed several times throughout the month.
  • We review monthly reports to develop steps to improve system performance and security.


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