ACS Managed Service 2022 Upgrade

As we approach the close of our second decade as a Managed Services Provider, we thought it would be fitting to improve our “Managed Service” plans.  To that end, for the past year we have been developing the next generation of our offerings.  
Originally we completed maintenance on a monthly basis; affectionately known as “Monthly Care” by those that have been part of our family long enough to remember.  In 2017, we realized that a weekly cleaning was needed.  As your dependence on computers continues to grow, it is again time for ACS to do better.   

Monthly → Weekly → Continuous

Instead of monthly or weekly cleanings, we have developed a
perpetual maintenance process.  Each Tuesday evening, we will still perform a few steps that must be completed with a reboot of your computer.  However, the rest of what previously happened on Tuesday evening will occur as soon as it is needed!  Thanks to our newly developed Remote Monitoring and Management tools, we will monitor for any changes in the performance of your computer and automatically resolve issues. 
The best part of this upgrade is that we will now be able to frequently enhance the Managed Services plans.  As soon as we are aware of a new step or adjustment, we will quickly dispatch the change to every computer under our care.


For details see Commercial or Residential Care Plans