Are you using a cell phone or tablet to connect to banks,
purchase online, or store sensitive data?

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  Today's cyber criminals steal valuable data directly from your portable devices.

Using a Managed Mobile Device solution has quickly become

required to secure your financial and sensitive data.

Stop Malicious Apps ~ Secure Web Browsing

Deploys in Seconds ~ Always Up to Date

Lost Device Protection ~ Managed by ACS


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We have been monitoring a trend in your behavior over the past few years.  Most of you are not content with just a computer. To quench your growing thirst for information, smartphones and tablets have become an extension of your hands. In an effort to best serve you and protect your data and information, ACS is pleased to announce the newest addition to our security offerings - Managed Mobile Device protection. Many of us take precautions to protect our computers from viruses, malware, and hackers. However, our smartphones are now just as susceptible to these threats.  

Please pay close attention if you do any banking or online purchasing on your iPhone or Android device. Not only can your smartphone be hacked, but it can be hacked very easily - and without your knowledge. Cyber-criminals target financial logins and valuable data, and we have found that they have successfully developed viruses, application hijacks, phishing attacks, and other kinds of malware directed specifically to portable devices. Just like your computer, smartphone  and tablet users may accidentally give hackers access to their phones by downloading harmful apps, opening suspicious emails, and using non-secure internet connections. Once a hacker has gained access to your phone, they can easily steal your Social Security number, credit card data, bank account numbers, and other sensitive information.

Have you ever had your smartphone or tablet lost or stolen?  Your data in the wrong hands can result in significant stress and financial loss.  That is why we include a remote lock capability in our Mobile Management plan.  Within a few minutes of your calling ACS, we can lock down your device and offer a reward for its return.

ACS-MOBILE is your solution to combat these threats.  We are offering enterprise-grade security for your mobile devices through the same award-winning platform that currently protects your computers. We offer this protection to you for just 10-cents per day or $2.99/device per month. 

The onboarding process takes about 10 minutes of your time.


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